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🚀IMPULSE BOOST CAMP 2024. From personal learning journals to growth

Updated: Jun 4

Impulse Boost Camp, which is an international training course for young people who are voluntarily active in civil society, took place from 27 April to 5 May 2024 in the beautiful countryside of Saxony, in a seminar house surrounded by green fields, forests, and the ore mountains. Our volunteer member, journalist Anahit Hakobyan, represented INEDNET at IBC.

During the 9-day long program, young people participated in a variety of workshops that introduced them to useful tools for activism and voluntary work. Topics of these workshops cover team communication, storytelling, design thinking, but also contain methods for personal development and stress prevention. Therefore, non-formal methods such as from the Art of Hosting framework with an innovative and interdisciplinary character were selected. The seminar was shaped by the active participation of each participant, so they could share their stories and learn from each other. 

During Impuls Boost Camp, youth also discussed the topic of mental health. This was a wonderful chance to understand once again that assessing their needs is very important before starting big changes. To be short, the camp is a great platform for personal growth and team dialogue.

“This cultural diversity was a wonderful chance to dialogue with each other, to understand how close we are, regardless of the geographical distance. Based on mutual respect and mutual understanding, our communication was wonderful not only during the seminar but also outside of it, when we were trying to share our experiences and thoughts with each other,- says Anahit Hakobyan.

After the seminar, young people have the chance to pass on their freshly gained knowledge to their peers at home with tools and methods for this purpose provided by IBC.

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