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🚀 Dream It: Gender Equal Society

Updated: May 8, 2023

Erasmus+ youth exchange "Gender Equal Society" was implemented on 5-13 October in Olympos.

The project's concept is related to the problem of how traditional gender roles are seen among the elderly and youngsters and how stereotypical gender roles contribute to creating and preserving gender inequality. Men have been the majority gender, while women have been in the minority for a long time. Mostly because women took care of the home and the kids while men worked for pay, they too, similarly had no rights. But gradually, things began to change as time went on. They are far from ideal, though. Today, gender inequality is still a significant problem. This was when the idea of welcoming 60 people from 6 countries sparked.

Your Power Is Your Radical Self. Find It!

By implementing this youth exchange, the projects aimed to achieve these goals:

  • General understanding of what causes stereotypical gender roles.

  • How to find the obstacles and have a say.

  • By exchanging expertise, take a look at where we were and where we are now. What changes have we made?

  • To come up with possible solutions to bring gender equality back on board.


During the 9 days of the exchange, we used non-formal education methods such as brainstorming ideas, theater, video making, ice-breakers, role-play and simulations. The team building by playing “dating” games was so much fun and a new way to discover new cultures and ideologies.


Each participant can proudly say that they have gotten a deeper understanding of how gender-stoned roles and gender inequality makes social lifestyle even more complicated. Gender disparity is an old problem that won't be better very soon. Similarly, reaching the aim of equality won't be simple either. We must first disassemble it and give it time to go.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video output, which our participants have created as a result of participation in this project.

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