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🚀 Youth For Democracy - Democracy For Youth

On August 16-24, a group of participants from Armenia went to Norway to learn what the youth should do to contribute to democracy. The Erasmus+ "Youth For Democracy - Democracy For Youth" Youth Exchange was innovative.

Over 60 participants from Armenia, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Norway, Turkey, and Bulgaria were involved in activities and discussions about social issues, democratic values, and human rights issues.

Our team learned how to promote civic life and democratic processes by fulfilling social responsibilities and active participation in public life.

The youth exchange facilitated various dialogues, games, theaters, and even expeditions, which gave the participants a better understanding of how non-formal education is delivered. Various opportunities can be found to increase youth participation in democracy, an inclusive society can be created.

On the last day, when everyone had to fly to their countries, the participants' conversations were more personal. They talked about their achievements in the program's scope, the new friends they made, and planned new meetings with their foreign friends.


With this program, the connection between Democracy and youth became clearer and stronger. Getting acquainted with non-formal education methods was new for many. Additionally, the participants are happy to share their experiences and be more proactive in following the democratic changes in their communities in Armenia.

Overall, the exchange program provided an opportunity to make new friends, get to know more about the culture of other nations, better understand the importance of democracy, learn about the role of youth in it, and have a great time in Norway.

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