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🚀 Young Armenians at Tomorrow's Youth Tech TC

In Trnava, Slovakia, for a significant week from April 9th to April 16th, youth workers from six different countries gathered to explore the potential of Tomorrow's YouthTech, where INEDNET team of young people were also present. The program was designed to equip these committed individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to shape the digital future of their communities.

Tomorrow's YouthTech focused on empowering youth workers to utilize technology effectively. Participants delved into topics such as AI, internet safety, and digital communication through interactive workshops. They gained practical skills to confidently and responsibly navigate the digital landscape.

A vital aspect of the program was communication. Participants refined their ability to engage with young people by learning how to craft clear and engaging messages. They also explored innovative techniques like gamification to make learning enjoyable and interactive.

Alongside technical skills, Tomorrow's YouthTech emphasized the importance of storytelling and cultural exchange. Activities like an interactive online city game allowed participants to dive into Trnava's history while honing their digital storytelling abilities.

Participants were introduced to various digital tools and platforms throughout the program, ranging from graphic design software to online learning platforms. These resources equipped them to share their newfound knowledge with their communities effectively.

As the week drew to a close, participants departed Trnava with a renewed sense of purpose. Empowered with the skills and confidence to lead in the digital age, they are poised to positively impact young people's lives and shape a brighter future for all.

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