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🚀 Tick Off the Challenges, Be a Role Model!

Erasmus+ Training course “Tick Off the Challenges, Be a Role Model” for Youth workers was held in Trnava, Slovakia on July 10-17.

The “Tick Off the Challenges, Be a Role Model” training course’s idea was based on helping participants to figure out how to work with youth in difficult times, how to facilitate debate and discussion in a polarized atmosphere, and find a remedy to help young people and themselves stay positive and motivated to strive for the better tomorrow and maintain good work, community, friendship, and family relationships. The implementation of this training course involved several key components:

· Training Modules: The training course consisted of different modules covering topics such as Media Literacy, Social Media Impact, Critical Thinking, Competences of Youth Workers, Impact and fear of war, wellbeing and mental health in youth work.

· Interactive Workshops: Participants were engaged in interactive workshops that encouraged active participation, group discussions, role-playing, and problem-solving exercises. These workshops aimed to promote experiential learning and enhance practical skills.

· Group Activities: Participants were divided into groups or teams to work on specific projects or case studies related to the challenges faced by young people in their communities.

Impact of the Project

The impact of the training course was far-reaching:

Enhanced Youth Work Skills: Participants gained practical tools and methodologies to effectively engage with young people, understand their needs, and provide appropriate support.

Improved Facilitation and Communication: Participants learned and practiced techniques to facilitate debates and discussions, fostering respectful dialogue and understanding.

International Collaboration: As an Erasmus+ project, the training course encouraged international collaboration, cultural exchange, and networking among participants from different countries.

Long-term Impact: The knowledge and skills gained during the training had a lasting impact on participants' professional careers and their ability to make a positive difference in the lives of young people.

Overall, the Erasmus+ training course "Tick Off the Challenges, Be a Role Model" aimed to equip participants with the necessary tools to navigate the challenges faced by youth workers in challenging times and empower them to become positive influencers in their communities, fostering a more inclusive and resilient society.

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