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✍️ Call For "TICK OFF THE CHALLENGES" Training Course

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Erasmus+ Training for youth workers "Tick Off the Challenges, Be a Role Model" will be held on 10-17 July, in Trnava (Hrnčiarovce), Slovakia.


The current society is torn by one crisis after another - when we finally started to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine started, which more or less affected the whole world, but especially Europe. Among other things, as a result of the war, we are facing huge inflation causing a widespread increase in the price of all goods and services. Every day, we are exposed to all kinds of disinformation, hoaxes, and conspiracies spread across the online space (mainly social media), the aim of which is to undermine democracy and the unity of the European Union. Society is the most polarised in decades, people are becoming radicalised, populism rules politics, many families and friends are torn apart. In addition, all these crises and hopelessness cause anxiety, depression, and other mental difficulties that many of us suffer from. But don't be hopeless, nothing is lost yet! Our Erasmus+ training “Tick Off the Challenges, Be a Role Model” will help participants figure out how to work with youth in these difficult times, how to facilitate debate and discussion in such a polarised atmosphere, and find a remedy to help young people and themselves stay positive and motivated to strive for the better tomorrow and maintain good work, community, friendship, and family relationships.

Who are we looking for?

3 motivated youth workers, teachers, trainers, facilitators, mentors, coaches, project managers and different NGO staff aged 18+ with a fluent English level who are interested to learn how to facilitate difficult situations, prevent risks and bad atmosphere, debate with youth and open challenging topics, and how to maintain one’s own sanity in this harsh world.

When and where?

The 8-days training will take place from 10th to 17th July 2023 (including travel days) in Trnava (Hrnčiarovce), Slovakia, in very nice guesthouse. The venue is located in one of the city districts of Trnava, a regional centre and historical city located just 50 km from the capital and having a very nice and cosy atmosphere. Accommodation and food will be provided by organisers and travel costs will be reimbursed to participants right after the training upon submission of required documents.

What competencies will the participants gain?

Participants will acquire a wide range of competences corresponding to current trends in youth work related to different challenges and problems the world faces nowadays. They will:

● acquire competences in the field of prevention and resolution of conflicts in collectives, especially among youth, based on real cases;

● get answers on how to deal with the anxieties and mental problems of young people arising from the various crises of today's world;

● find out how to approach sensitive topics and how to ensure that every young person, participant, or team member feels comfortable and safe at the event;

● learn about the importance of having a clear vision and plan;

● familiarise themselves with the topic of ethics in youth work and diplomatic communication - some important rules in communicating with partners/participants as well as how to prevent conflicts;

● get to know the concept of debating, through which they will find answers to several current trends polarising society (war in Ukraine, growing extremism and radicalization of society, Covid-19, economic crisis);

● improve their media literacies and find out how to have a conversation with and help people who have become victims of conspiracy theories and hoaxes;

● get to know different opportunities (materials, etc.) that will help them solve problems, find solutions, and create new projects.


The deadline for applying is 26 May 2023 at 23:59 Armenian time. Interested candidates can apply by filling in this form:

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