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🚀 How can Carpe DIEM Empower Youth Workers with Digital Innovation in Educational Methodologies?

The Professional Development Activity (PDA) “Carpe DIEM,” organized by InCo - Molfetta, took place from 10th – 16th October in Molfetta, Italy.

This Digital Tool Fair has been designed for Youth Workers and trainers who want to explore innovative digital tools and at the same time introduce the digital tools developed within their own organization’s youth work.

The main objective of the PDA was to give participants opportunities to exchange experiences, methodologies and digital educational tools to improve their quality and improve non-formal and informal learning methodologies while developing cooperation projects that link young people.

During this interactive and engaging activity, INEDNET members unveiled the power of our digital youth work tools: "The ONBOARDING" program and "ALUMNI NETWORK", exclusively developed for INEDNET program participants.

Sixteen bright minds from 8 different countries came together to dive deep into each other's digital arsenals and discover the art of leveraging artificial intelligence in youth work, starting with a dynamic AI brainstorm and shifting to real-world challenges, solving case studies on youth problems and AI-human interaction.

They embarked on eye-opening visits to local innovation hubs and university IT departments, delving into the world of cutting-edge startups.

Participants were treated to a heartwarming surprise being welcomed by warm 

Italian families, where they created and savored national dishes and even tried their hand at crafting authentic pasta!

In the special podcast episode recorded during the program, representatives from Armenia and Spain shared their insights on pivotal youth issues.

Among the expected results of this PDA, the aim was to identify the recognition of the education and training paths of Youth workers. 

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