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✍️ Call For "Carpe DIEM!" seminar

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The Carpe DIEM! (Digital Innovation in Educational Methodologies) seminar will take place on 10-16 October 2023 in Molfetta, Italy.

Digital Tool Fair Professional Development Activity consists of a 5 days international Tool Fair that has been designed for Youth Workers and trainers who want to explore innovative digital tools and at the same time, introduce the digital tools developed within their organization.

The main objective of this Professional Development Activity is to give participants opportunities to exchange experiences, methodologies and digital educational tools to improve their quality and improve non-formal and informal learning methodologies.

The focus of the activity will be oriented towards exchanging digital tools and innovative practices that aim at training, recognition and professionalization of Youth Workers.


  • To give space to participants to share and experience educational digital tools developed within the Erasmus+ and ESC programmes;

  • To engage participants in the further development of educational digital tools;

  • To develop digital competences of Youth Worker within the path of youth work recognition;

  • To challenge and inspire the educational practice of participants so that they feel ready to apply back home the learning outcomes of the Tool Fair;

  • To collect and disseminate innovative youth work methods;

  • To reflect and assess Youth Work practices and competences using European recognition tools;

The participants are expected to:

  • be youth workers who would like to present a digital tool developed within their own organization;

  • be willing to invest into their personal and professional development;

  • be motivated to try out new methods and tools and apply them with their target groups;

  • be a part of partner organization and not fished in the web;

  • be fluent in English;

  • be over 18 y.o.;

  • fully participate for the whole duration of the project;

  • be ready to engage actively in all physical and mental activities;

  • be aware that youth worker training is not a holiday but a learning experience.

This seminar is for:

  • Youth workers, Trainers,

  • Youth leaders,

  • Youth project managers,

  • Youth coaches.

Accommodation and food

Accommodations and meals are fully covered by the project budget and organized by the hosting organization.

Travel reimbursement

Travel costs will be covered according to the distance band of Erasmus+ Programme. The maximum travel reimbursement is 360 Euro for the selected Armenian participants.


The deadline for applying is 30 June 2023 at 23:59 Armenian time. Interested candidates can apply by filling in this form:

For questions, contact

Good luck with the application!

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