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🚀ESC Volunteering Project "Healthy City of Trnava" Fosters International Collaboration and Health Awareness!

From May 9-30, the 1 month-long ESC volunteering project "Healthy City of Trnava" took place in Trnava, Slovakia. The event brought together 13 participants from 10 different countries to prepare for the annual World Health Week in Trnava. The volunteers coordinated the event, helping carry out various activities and ensuring a positive impact on the community. INEDNET Armenia was represented by a volunteer Levon Budaghyan.

The project aimed to equip participants with practical experience and knowledge in organizing large-scale health events. "Healthy City of Trnava" fostered an atmosphere of collaboration and cultural exchange, offering participants a comprehensive exploration of health-related topics through informal educational settings, including sports activities, workshops, training, and visiting trips. The participants engaged in activities that developed their organizational skills, empowered them to build positive relationships, and promoted a healthy lifestyle among the local population.

Participating teams had opportunities to present their acquired knowledge practically to other teams, share insights, learn about developing new projects, and enhance their skills in the youth sector alongside representatives from different countries. In addition to their event coordination efforts, participants visited two local schools to conduct workshops, embarked on a hiking trip, and enjoyed nature walks, deepening their connection with the local community.

According to Levon’s words: “The program's multifaceted content, innovative methods, and diverse cultural representation infused fresh energy into the youth project, enabling participants to enrich their experience with new perspectives. Overall, the project was successfully implemented, achieving its goals of organizing the event, gaining valuable experience, and fostering communication among people from different countries”.

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