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🚀Empowering Rural Areas through Entrepreneurship: Insights from the Youth Exchange

From October 24 to November 02, Armenia hosted the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Tsaghkadzor on the topic of "COMMUNITY OF ENTREPRENEURS: Developing Rural Areas".

More than 50 participants from 10 countries (Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Lithuania, and Romania), participated in various group discussions, teamwork and different activities aimed at addressing the issues and effects of unemployment in Europe and promoting the development of rural areas.

During this Erasmus + Youth Exchange, Armenian participants embarked on a transformative journey to address pressing issues in rural areas. Focused on fostering sustainable solutions, our team engaged in immersive experiences, diverse/meaningful group discussions and different activities as well.

At the time of each country's examples, participants shared success stories and the best examples of Social Entrepreneurship from their home countries, creating a knowledgeable exchange hub. It was an honour for the Armenian team to present social entrepreneurship examples in our country, such as 'TMM Soft,' which produces wipes made by children with autism and their parents. Another successful example is 'Aregak Bakery,' the first inclusive and barrier-free bakery and coffee shop in Gyumri, which collaborates with young people with disabilities and their mothers. In addition to showcasing successful Armenian social entrepreneurship examples, our team addressed the high unemployment issue in Armenia, providing short statistics and highlighting several contributing factors. In this context, this cross-cultural sharing illuminated innovative approaches to tackling unemployment and fostering rural growth.

Besides the everyday sessions, the participants also had a chance to discover the hosting country Armenia better, and based on this, they had short trips to Sevanavank, Dilijan, Aghavnavanq and Yerevan, where the project group visited Tsitsernakaberd (the Armenian Genocide Memorial complex), “Masoor” art center, tasted Armenian wine made in Aghavnavank (a small village near to Dilijan) by the local entrepreneurs and had other fun and informative activities as well.

Impact of the project

This Erasmus + exchange left an indelible mark on each of the participants. Newfound knowledge, skills, shared experiences, and a commitment to action are driving positive changes in rural development. The "Unemployment and Rural Development" was not just an exchange; it was a motive for change. By empowering individuals with skills and fostering a global network of change-makers, the program has a purpose and mission to contribute to a future where rural communities thrive.

Feel free to follow us on social media and stay tuned for updates on our ongoing or future projects inspired by this transformative Erasmus experience.


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