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Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "COMMUNITY OF ENTREPRENEURS: Developing Rural Areas" will take place in Tsakghadzor, Armenia on 24 October - 2 November 2023.

📍 Location - Tsaghkadzor, Armenia

🗓️ Dates - 24.10 - 02.11 2023

👥 Partner countries - Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Lithuania, Romania

🚀Topic - Unemployment and rural development

🔎 Working language - English

💡 The project aims to address and mitigate unemployment challenges in rural areas by empowering youth, enhancing their employability, and fostering sustainable development within these communities.

🎯 The Main plan is to identify possible solutions to the unemployment problem at personal, organizational, and community levels by monitoring the real situations in different countries, to improve the abilities of youth workers, activists, and young people from rural areas, enhancing their chances of finding employment or creating their own projects, To identify the actual needs of youth workers working with rural youth and assess their capacities.


• Young people aged 16-26 years old

• Young people with fewer opportunities who have educational, geographical and cultural difficulties, are living in rural areas and migrants

• Young people who are interested in developing knowledge about unemployment in rural areas

• Young people who are interested in developing skills and knowledge on understanding the genuine requirements of the rural job market and exploring ways to meet those needs

• Young people who are interested in developing skills in European projects Young people who will be involved in the FOLLOW-UP PHASE OF THE PROJECT.


Additionally, as part of the project, an Advance Planning Visit (APV) is scheduled to take place at the end of September. We invite one group leader to visit Armenia and participate in the APV. Please note that the chosen group leader for the APV must also participate in the YE in October.

We are ready to announce the date for the APV. It will be implemented on the 30th of September (the 29th of September is the arrival day and the 1st of October is the departure day). During the youth exchange, our participants will be staying in the beautiful Mountain Resort Town of Tsakhkadzor. The accommodation will be at the Alpina Hotel.

To be entitled for reimbursement you must:

• Take part in the whole project

• Follow the travel instructions

• Execute tasks assigned to participants, including dissemination tasks.

A bank transfer will reimburse travel costs after delivering invoices / tickets.


The deadline for applying is 10 August 2023 at 23:59 Armenian time. Interested candidates can apply by filling in this form:


The results will be announced after 1 month of opening the application.

⁉️ For questions visit this page:



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