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✍️ Call For "Youth Will Move It. #MOVEIT" Youth Exchange

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Youth Will Move It: Practice Exchanges for Active Citizenship

📍 Location - Vanadzor, Armenia

🗓️ Dates - 2-13 October 2023

👥 Partner countries - Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Armenia

🚀Topic - Active Citizenship and Media making

🔎 Working language - English

🎯 The project's objectives are as follows:

  • To enhance understanding of youth needs beyond the EU borders and develop reporting competencies, especially in response to the increasing demands of the media labor market.

  • To empower young individuals interested in storytelling by providing hands-on practice and improving their capacities in this area.

  • To encourage critical reflection on human rights, migration, and issues related to internally displaced persons (IDPs) from various perspectives. Additionally, the project aims to raise awareness of existing limitations to freedom of speech.

  • To address hate speech and extremism between countries through media production, promoting dialogue and understanding.

  • To foster collaboration and synergy among diverse professions, including media makers, youth workers, human rights activists, and linguists.

  • To develop participants' intercultural competencies and cultivate critical thinking skills.

  • To encourage innovation and excellence in storytelling related to human rights and democracy topics.

  • To prompt contemplation on media responsibility and the role of media makers in the public sphere, both as producers and recipients of information.

  • To establish an international network of active young individuals, human rights activists, media makers, and analysts from various European countries.

By training and equipping young people with storytelling skills and accurate, objective, and informative approaches to international issues, this project aims to make a significant impact on the media and youth fields landscape. It seeks to promote analytical and non-sensational, yet engaging and compelling coverage of human rights topics.


We expect 10 participants per country:

  • 1 group leader preferably 25+ years old and with experience in journalism, facilitating sessions via non-formal education methods

  • 9 participants, aged 18-30, who are interested in the topics of media making, storytelling, fact-checking, media literacy, conflict communication, freedom of speech, creative news coverage and active citizenship

The group leaders will play an an important role in this exchange and will be asked to present things from their side.

Information and Education Development Network - INEDNET Armenia will host the Youth Exchange, which will take place in Vanadzor, which is the 3rd biggest city in Armenia.

Arrival day - 2 October 2023

Working days - 3-12 October 2023

Departure day - 13 October 2023

The participants will be accommodated 2, 3, and 4 people per room.


The deadline for applying is 17 August 2023 at 23:59 Armenian time. Interested candidates can apply by filling in this form: ✍️


The results will be announced after 1 month of opening the application.

⁉️ For FA questions visit this page:



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Good 👍 luck with the application!

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