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✍️ Call for "Youth Ultimate Participation - YOUTH UP!" project

Youth Exchange "Youth Ultimate Participation" will take place on 23-31 May 2024, Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, the overseas Caribbean territory of France.

There is a growing recognition that young people must actively participate in the democratic life of any community, which is more than voting or standing in elections, even though these elements are also an important part of participation. Participation and active citizenship are about having the rights, tools, opportunity, and, where necessary, also the opportunity to create more inclusive, democratic, and prosperous societies. However, in many countries, young people are still marginalized and excluded from these processes, and their voices are not heard. In some countries, another problem is that youth participation is seen only in the formation of youth councils and participation in decision-making processes on a political level. However, meaningful youth participation is more than that. Participation is also about implementing some activities at all aspects of local policies, including social, cultural, leisure, education planning and housing, employment, etc.

The aim of this project is to increase the democratic, social, and cultural participation of youth and raise awareness among young people about active, meaningful participation in local and regional life and local-level decision-making processes in Europe.

🎯 Objectives

  • Raise awareness for 24 young people from at least 4 countries of Europe on meaningful youth participation, including social and cultural aspects, in the decision-making processes during the awareness-raising youth exchange.

  • Create at least 5 video materials through artistic methods depicting the challenges young people face in their local realities in Europe, practicing participation and suggesting solutions.

  • Empower 24 young leaders to disseminate in a week-long branded “Youth Participation Week” awareness-raising social media campaign and further spread the ideas of youth participation in their communities and transfer their knowledge to other young people in their countries.

🔵 Outcomes

As a result of this project, participants should explicitly feel the following outcomes.

  • Participants will be better equipped to communicate with decision-makers in their communities as a result of having a better understanding of the concepts, challenges, and possibilities related to youth participation in decision-making processes.

  • Improved civic engagement skills: Participants will have learned a number of civic engagement techniques, including public speaking, problem-solving, and communication, which will improve their ability to communicate with decision-makers and advocate for their needs and opinions.

  • Increased empowerment, self-esteem, and self-confidence: Participants will feel more empowered, allowing them to approach decision-makers more forcefully and engage in active community involvement. As a result, they will feel more in control of their lives and have more power to affect the choices that affect them and their communities.

  • More democratic and civic participation: Participants will be more eager to take part in community affairs and participate not only in decision-making processes but also in the implementation of actions on a local level for the young people in their communities.

👤 Profile of Participants

  • A young person aged between 18 and 30 (preferably 18-25) participants).

  • A young person available to attend the activity during the whole project period (including the campaign).

  • A young person who shows a strong motivation to learn new tools of participation in community life.

  • A young person who demonstrates a passion for active citizenship and cultural and social participation.


The deadline for applying is 17 November 2023 at 23:59 Armenian time. Interested candidates can apply by filling in this form: ✍️


The results will be announced one month after the deadline for this application.

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