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🚀 Active Bodies = Active Minds: TCA seminar

On Sep 8-11, a unique thematic seminar about integrating physical activities into Erasmus+ projects was held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

"Erasmus+ Lietuva organized Active Bodies = Active Minds: How to Infuse Erasmus+ Projects with Physical Activity" seminar which was focused on several main aims:

Exchange of good practices among youth workers and educators

  • Providing opportunities for cross-sectoral networking and cooperation

  • Stimulation of new ideas for local & international projects promoting physical activities as well as mental well-being among young people

Around 70 participants from 21 different countries were invited for the implementation of different training and cooperation activities together, among which our staff member Anna Jotyan. Besides the field of non-formal education for youth, there were representatives from sectors as diverse as Adult, Higher, School, Vocational Education and Training, as well as Cross-Sectoral Educational programs.

The distinctive part of the seminar, however, was participation in the Vilnius Marathon - an annual sporting event with several thousands of participants, a part of whom were the Erasmus+ representatives and students. Marathon runners completing the 5km distance in the streets of Vilnius Old Town were awarded with symbolic achievement medals.

The program overall was full of active energizers, fun workshops and inspirational talks on the innovative methods around the topic. A remarkable session was the meeting with Aurimas Valujavičius - a Lithuanian athlete who shared his incredible story of becoming the third person ever to complete a solo rowing trip across the Atlantic Ocean.

Other sessions included psychological insights into the mind-body connections, topics around the intersection of social and physical activities, and more. The seminar was accompanied by active networking and exchange of resources & practical tools from participants’ own working experiences.

Thus, we are excited to bring quality tools to better contribute to the well-being of young people and youth workers in our communities.

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