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🚀 Youth Participation Camp For Media Makers was a total success in the Armenian mountains

A group of young hearts from Armenia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Hungary, and Germany came together in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia, from February 28 to March 6, 2024, for a memorable experience of learning, sharing, and impactful change within the "Youth Participation Camp For Media Makers" youth exchange.

The project was hosted by INEDNET and implemented in partnership with European Youth Press (Germany), European Dialogue (Slovakia), Dynamic Youth Association (Hungary) and Make It Happen NGO (Cyprus).

The journey started with young people's reflection on participation in different aspects of their lives and an exploration of Roger Hart's Ladder of Participation followed by a dynamic discussion based on personal experiences from realities across countries.

The participants also got introduced to the Revised European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life and the RMSOS approach as a framework to examine the Rights, Means, Space, Opportunities and Support available to them within their communities as the main influencing factors for meaningful participation. The highlight of their learning adventure was the engaging simulation game "Mosque in Sleepyville", where participants stepped into various roles to influence the mayor's decision, sparking excitement and creativity.

We also had two guest speakers who talked about community leadership and advocacy on community budgeting, enriching the participants' understanding and inspiring them further.

The most awaited parts of the project were the intercultural evenings, where participants presented their cultures through creative performances, fun activities and tables filled with traditional food and beverages.

Beyond the learning, the participants enjoyed recreational activities, including skiing, adding an adventurous twist to their stay. The week concluded with a glitter party, where everyone was shining bright like a diamond. 💎✨️

The group developed campaign materials for the upcoming “Youthifying Week”, which will take place on 12-19 April 2024. The week will be devoted to mainstreaming the topic of youth participation in the social, educational, cultural and political life of our communities and municipalities. Participants created video explainers, TikTok-s, infographics, memes and banners, which will be used for the 1-week social media campaign calling for action to youth, especially before the upcoming European Elections of 2024.

This experience was about gaining knowledge, forging connections and creating lasting impacts that resonate far beyond Tsaghkadzor. These bright young people's time together was a testament to the power of youth to effect change and inspire others. ❣️


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