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🚀Skill Shift: International Exchange in Poland Fosters Career Growth and Cultural Connections

Updated: Jul 4

Rakszawa, a Polish village, opened its doors to 36 young people from six countries from June 3 to June 14. The participants were representatives of Poland, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, and Armenia.

The purpose of this exchange program was to promote the improvement and exchange of skills, knowledge, and personal qualities, enabling individuals to become more effective in the work environment and thereby enhancing their career advancement opportunities.

This project, named Skill Shift, not only changed many preconceived notions about personal qualities in the workplace but also broke many entrenched patterns, fostering new and fresher perceptions about one's abilities, knowledge, and experience.

The program included various options for the exchange of experiences: traditional workshops with discussions, games, and tasks, which naturally continued even after the workshops ended.

After the seminars, the young participants could be seen in the kitchen, recreation room, break room, or just in the yard, discussing national perceptions on various issues and their differences.

As a result, over the span of about ten days, representatives of six different nations not only exchanged experiences within the program but also developed emotional connections and a sense of togetherness. This made the farewell ceremony more poignant, as many participants continued to develop their companies even after the program ended. Most importantly, a friendly atmosphere dominated the interactions, especially among the organizers and participants.

Skill Shift's formal and informal experiences and knowledge undoubtedly provided all 36 participants from six countries with lessons that will be remembered for a long time in both their professional and personal lives.

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