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🎖️KEKS Conference 2024: A Tribute to Youth Work

KEKS Conference 2024 took place on May 22-24 at Lindholmen Conference Center in Gothenburg, Sweden. This grand event brought together more than 650 dedicated youth workers from Sweden and member countries of the KEKS network, making it the largest youth work gathering in Europe. Among the esteemed attendees was Harutyun Tsatryan, the co-founder and president of INEDNET Armenia.

The goal of the event was clear to all: attendees should leave this conference with new insights, innovative ideas, and strengthened ties with colleagues from near and far. Harutyun participated in several workshops, lectures, and a study visit to Vårvindens Youth Center during this landmark event. He had the opportunity to both contribute to and benefit from the exchange of knowledge and inspiration, underscoring the significance of global collaboration in youth work.

The atmosphere throughout the conference days was electric, filled with enthusiasm and a shared commitment to advancing youth work. Keynote speaker John Bamber presented his ideas on establishing effective relations with young people. His welcoming speech set the tone for the event, which felt like a true tribute to the field of youth work. Participants engaged in meaningful discussions, workshops, and lectures, sharing both their successes and challenges. The spirit of generosity was evident in every workshop and group discussion, fostering a supportive environment for learning and growth.

Workshop hosts and participants shared their invaluable knowledge and experience both from the stage and during study visits. Their contributions were instrumental in making the conference a rich and enlightening experience for all attendees. Darko Markovic, an experienced facilitator, trainer, and systemic coach from Belgrade, led two workshops entitled “A Systemic Approach to Change” and “Competence Model for Youth Workers”.

Over the years, the KEKS Conference has become a testament to the power of collective effort. It is the combined energy and dedication of everyone in the network that brings this event to life. Together, we create a platform for innovation, support, and progress in youth work.

As we reflect on the success of this year’s conference, we eagerly look forward to next year, which will be particularly special as KEKS celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Mark your calendars and join us in 2025 for another inspiring event! 

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