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🚀 EYF Seminar was a success։ Quality development in pilot activities

From July 17th to 20th, the European Youth Centre Strasbourg (EYCS) hosted 45 young people representing youth organisations from 27 different countries to learn more about strengthening quality in youth project management.

Supported by the EYF (European Youth Foundation) of the Council of Europe, this seminar was also an opportunity to learn more about the challenges that youth organisations face locally and to share experiences on the good and bad practices with the lessons learnt.

Selected by the EYF to take part in the seminar, our staff member Anna presented the activities of INEDNET and shared insights from the local challenges the Armenian youth faces with the seminar participants.

During the 4 days, participants had the chance to “zoom into” the main phases of project management and were given the floor to actively contribute through diverse non-formal learning activities both individually and in groups.

The participants also learned a lot from the workshops with the professional trainers and discussions with the Council of Europe’s Youth Department secretariat members in the welcoming and dynamic environment of the youth center in Strasbourg.

The key takeaway is making sure that youth are always placed at the core and that human rights education is integrated and presented in all of the layers of project management.

As representatives of youth organizations, participants were provided space to network with each other and even visit the European Youth Parliament based in Strasbourg.


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