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🚀 Do you know WHO AM I?

From April 12 to 21, the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Who am I" took place in Grünheide, Germany. The event brought together 46 young people from 7 countries to discuss migration challenges, cultural diversity, national identity, and the role of young people in all these current issues. INEDNET was represented by a group of 7 young people from Armenia.

The project aimed to equip participants with knowledge and experiences to understand the significant role individuals play in shaping society and their country. The "Who am I" project fostered an atmosphere of curiosity and respect for differences, offering participants an in-depth exploration of topics in an informal educational setting, from group discussions to creating a living museum. The participants took part in workshops that helped them develop critical thinking, empowered them to build positive relationships, combat the negative perceptions of specific groups among youngsters, and change particular behaviours.

Participating teams had opportunities to present their acquired knowledge practically to other teams, share insights, learn about developing new projects, and enhance their youth sector skills alongside representatives from different countries. Additionally, participants visited Berlin to engage in face-to-face discussions with locals.

The program's multifaceted content, innovative methods, and diverse cultural representation infused fresh energy into the youth program, enabling participants to enrich their youth experience with new perspectives.

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