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✍️ Call For "Inclusion is being asked to DANCE!" Youth Exchange

📍 Location - Vanadzor, Armenia

🗓️ Dates - 6-13 November 2023

👥 Partner countries - Germany, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia

🚀Topic - Inclusion, Diversity, Culture, Folk Dances

🔎 Working language - English

One-third of European young people are at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Many do not have access to their social rights. Many more continue to face multiple discrimination and experience prejudice and hate crimes. New migratory phenomena brought several social and exclusion challenges. The recent wars, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno Karabakh region provoked an influx of new refugees and migrants into European countries, triggering cultural discrimination, xenophobia, homophobia, and racism. All red zones in Europe are gradually being activated, increasing the number of victims of discrimination. Therefore, it is crucial to work towards fulfilling the rights of all young people in Europe, including the newcomers and most marginalized and excluded.

Based on our observations recently, we see that culture, particularly traditional folk dances as a tool is quite effective in building intercultural dialogue between different communities in Europe. Our idea is to show our cultural differences and still highlight our similarities to become the ones who are united in diversity. Also, learning each others’ dances in-depth and practicing them makes young people closer and more inclusive and tolerant towards each other, changing our attitudes anduilding cultural dialogue.

This project will contribute to the creation of an inclusive and diverse society through the promotion of intercultural dialogue, the values of solidarity, and human rights, the provision of equal opportunities among young people in Europe.

🎯 The main aim of this project is to support the creation of an inclusive, just, and diverse society, to foster dialogue and social cohesion, and combat discrimination and segregation through non-formal learning, sharing and practicing traditional folk dances and cultural exchange.

Our objectives are: 🎯🎯🎯

  • To facilitate learning on values of inclusion, diversity, non-discrimination, intercultural dialogue and equity among young people.

  • To encourage sharing and experiencing different traditional folk dances as cultural exchange and connection.

  • Promote the method of using traditional folk dances as a tool for inclusion, tolerance and diversity in non-formal education.


We expect 6 participants per country, which includes:

1 group leader, preferably 25+ years old. The group leader should be an experienced young leader and/or youth worker, know about inclusion and related topics, and be interested in learning and teaching traditional dances of different cultures. The group leaders will play an important role in this exchange and will be asked to facilitate their folk dance learning process.

5 participants, aged 18-30,

  • who demonstrate an interest in human rights and discrimination issues,

  • who have a passion for building inclusive societies.

  • who shows a strong motivation to learn new cultures and traditional folk dances, and practice them.

  • who is aware of their own cultures and preferably traditional dances and the meanings of movements and can explain them.

  • at least 2 participants need to know and be able to teach at least 1-2 folk dances to the rest of the group in English.


The deadline for applying is 27 August 2023 at 23:59 Armenian time. Interested candidates can apply by filling in this form: ✍️


The results will be announced after 1 month of opening this application.

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Good 👍 luck with the application!

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