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✍️Call for "Active Civic Engagement in Communities" Youth Exchange

🗓️ DATE: 12-21 May 2024

📍 PLACE: Leordoaia, Moldova

🧠TYPE: Erasmus+Youth Exchange

🎯 TOPIC: Civic Participation

👥 AGE ELIGIBILITY: 18-30 years old

✍️ DEADLINE to apply: 31 March

🔎 Learn more and apply >>


This course is designed to assist Youth Workers in enhancing their capacities within the "Being Civically Engaged" competence area, one of the core nine competency areas included in the ETS Competence Model for Youth Workers.

The primary goal of this project is to provide 42 youth workers and educators with an opportunity to experience, learn, reflect on, and share their thoughts on the topics within The Civically Engaged" competence area. This training will equip them with the necessary attitudes, skills, knowledge, and tools to help young people become active citizens who make their communities and the world a better place.

• Change the attitude regarding the importance of active civic engagement;

• Explore the Being Civically Engaged competence area through activities and self-assessment tool;

• Acknowledge best practices in the field;

• Practice different tools and activities that help build a more open and participating environment.


• Age 18-30

• Good conversational English

• Involved in youth work or NFE activities with young people

• Participants should participate for the whole duration of the project

• Motivation to explore the topic of civic engagement and address the issue of participation with young people

Number of participants per country 6 (5 participants + 1 team leader), youth workers, trainers, coaches and educators who actively work at local / regional / national or international levels.

The travel costs are reimbursed up to 275 Euros for Armenian participants. The accommodation and food during the stay is fully provided.

IMPORTANT: Please, note in your application, for which project you are applying, as we have several calls open.


The deadline for applying is 31 March 2024 at 23:59 Armenian time. Interested candidates can apply by filling in this form: ✍️ 

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