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🚀 Together for dialogue, together for change

Updated: May 9, 2023

Together for DIalogue training course was held in Poland on April 22-29, with 20 participants from 5 countries.

The project was part of the long-term Erasmus+ "Together for Dialogue" project. The main objectives of the training course were։

1. Shaping and strengthening active attitudes among young people by identifying competency gaps, supplementing them, as well as developing selected competencies and engaging in various activities of a civic nature in their communities.

2. Building the potential of organisations supporting the creation and implementation of youth policies at various levels by equipping them with appropriate tools and increasing the competencies of staff working with youth.

3. Raising awareness among both young people and decision-makers about the essence of inclusive dialogue in public space by including all stakeholder groups in educational and implementation activities, as well as their comprehensive evaluation.

4. Providing various and individualized forms of support for those who conduct a structured dialogue: initiated by both young people and decision-makers themselves at various levels, which in the future will expand its scope and enable it to be conducted continuously and sustainably.

Participants got to know about the topics of problem-solving, communication, advocacy, and experiential learning styles. The project was accompanied by various role plays and activities during which participants were able to develop their skills as youth workers and get a deep understanding of the differences between a session, a module, and an activity. During the last days, participants designed follow-up activities that they will organise in their countries to raise awareness about mentioned topics.

Participants were also acquainted with online tools and manuals on youth work which definitely will make their work easier as youth workers.

The project participants were Anna, Ani, and Narek. They mentioned that it was a very productive training in terms of getting knowledge and knowing how to implement gained skills in youth work.

"We now not only know about our learning styles but also we made one step forward in youth work to get competencies. The training helped us to become more professional to be able to engage more and more youngsters in youth work”, they said.

During the training, the Armenian team designed a module based on advocacy role play to get the knowledge of human rights, democratic processes, and the rule of law and to develop the competencies of problem-solving, civic participation, and networking of youth workers. The participants will organize sessions and activities aimed at having the attitude-responsibility for taking action, being willing to participate in decision-making and being engaged in democratic life among the youngsters. After the module's presentation, teams got feedback to make their modules better and to the point.


Through active participation in training, the participants experienced diverse teamwork with international participants while completing different tasks. This contributed to effective cross-cultural interactions, the discovery of the strong side of each participant and the adoption of many creative methods and approaches to be applied in youth work. The team working on building our own module and our team members, in general, got primarily positive feedback which speaks of the high responsibility and significant progress of our team.

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