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🚀Empowering Youth Voices for Democracy and Human Rights. Council of Europe TC

The "Youth advocacy for democracy and human rights" training course united 30 young people from 21 European countries. The European Youth Centre of Strasbourg hosted the activity from the 18th to the 23rd of September.

The training course aimed to develop the competencies of youth civil society and young activists to advocate for human rights and democracy, ensuring a youth perspective in all the Council of Europe work, as well as advocating for the implementation and expansion of Council of Europe standards at the national and local level. The Council of Europe Youth Department organised this TC in partnership with the European Youth Forum and the German Federal Youth Council.

INEDNET co-founder Harutyun Tsatryan took part in the training course sharing his and the organisation's experience with the European participants and the CoE Youth Department representatives. Several youth campaigns and projects that INEDNET runs at the moment were presented during the training course. Possible partnerships were discussed too.

The intense program of the TC also included a visit and introduction to the Council of Europe. Participants visited Palais de l'Europe and had a chance to explore CoE standards for democracy and human rights.

In partnership with Italian representation (Lugano) of the Erasmus Students Network and Latvian National Youth Council, INEDNET co-founder Harutyun Tsatryan designed an advocacy action plan as a part of the TC. Partners will work to implement the action plan in the coming months, including in Armenia.


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